New Father & Son Pastoral Podcast Released (May 19th, 2024)

Why did Jesus tell people to be quiet about Him being the Messiah? Many celebrity pastors would say He was bad at self-marketing, yet He perfectly followed the Father’s will. In this episode, the pastors will explore how Jesus fulfilled Isaiah’s prophecies and why He didn’t focus on self-promotion. Discover the implications of Jesus’ humility and how it challenges our ideas of success. Plus, learn how this moment set the stage for selecting the Twelve Apostles.

This is Podcast #39: Jesus: Fulfilling Isaiah’s Prophecies While Ignoring Self-Marketing … which is taken from Matthew 12:15-21 & Mark 3:7-12.

Chapters – – –
0:00 – Intro & Questions on Today’s Passage
1:19: Personal Updates from the Pastors
6:27 – Matthew’s eyewitness account (Matthew 12:15-21)
13:16 – Jesus Fulfills Isaiah’s Messianic Prophecies (Isaiah 42: 1-4)
26:32 – Peter’s eyewitness account (Mark 3:7-12)
35:49 – Two Employment Points
42:40: Final reflections.