Pre-Teen Bible Study

In many churches across America, adults and teenagers attend Bible studies so they can grow in their Christian walk – but what about the children? Why is it that many churches do not have Bible studies to instruct pre-teens? Why is that? Pastor Kenny saw that children under the age of 13 were deemed too young for Bible study and their only avenue for growth was youth group which had a heaver emphasis on a simple lesson (which would be combined with crafts, games, and maybe a memory verse.) Pastor Kenny (when he was 13 years old) started to teach the pre-teens, showing them how to use their Bible and deal with issues that young children face every day. Over a decade later Pastor Kenny Jr is still teaching and providing a Bible study for the children. Therefore, Tuesday Night Bible study is a more intensive study for children who want to get a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Current Series – Foundations of The Faith

The current series is the foundations of the faith series which looks at 5 key components of Christianity. 
  1. Saving Faith
  2. Righteousness 
  3. Justification
  4. Adoption
  5. Salvation
Children will get to read the Bible for themselves and learn how to break down passages so they can grasp the basic concepts. This will not only help them in their young lives, but it will also give them a solid foundation to stand on.