Below is the church’s interactive events calendar that will keep you informed of current events in the church. This calendar will be updated whenever a new event is planned. A good place to come to keep informed about upcoming events. Click on the event to find out many more details!

CMBC 2024 Calendar

Highlights of the week

Sunday Service & Worship – 10:00 on Sunday Morning

Sunday Service is the cornerstone of our church. It is during this time that the church joins together in praise and worship that consists of a mix of contemporary Christian songs along with traditional hymns. This is followed by a sermon from Pastor Burge. Sunday Service starts at 10:00am.

Young Adult Bible Study – 6:00 – 8:00 on Sunday Night

In this Bible study the young adults are challenged to stretch their faith and minds. They are taught major doctrinal concepts, so that they will understand how to use the Scripture to lead a life that is pleasing to the Lord. The teens also enjoy their time together as they build lifelong relationships.

Pre-Teen Gospel & Games – 6:30 – 8:00 on Monday Night

The focus of pre-teen youth group is to walk children through the entire Bible, going story by story teaching them the word of God. These children have a special opportunity of receiving a solid biblical foundation. With this training they will be able to understand Scripture, and defend the faith. On top of that – they have the chance to make lifelong friends who will help them with their Christian walk.

Adult Bible Study – Online – 7:00 on Tuesday Night (biweekly)

This online adult Bible Study is designed to provide biblical training for men and women in all walks of life. Pastor Ken’s desires to glorify God by equipping men and women to better know God personally and serve Him more effectively through the study of God’s Word.

Women’s Bible Study – Online – 7:00 on Tuesday Night (biweekly)

Join Mrs. Kim online on every other Tuesday at 7:00 pm.

Pre-Teen Bible Study – Online – 7:00 on Wednesday Night

This is a private Bible study designed for pre-teens who are Christians. This years focus is to read through the Bible and memorize 12 Key Verses.

Communion – 10:00 on Sunday Morning

Once a month the Church has our monthly Communion which starts at 10:00am. Check out the schedule to see what date this month’s communion takes place.