What To Expect?

So your mind is telling you that you’re interested in coming and checking out the church – but naturally you have some reservations and want to feel more comfortable before you come. Questions in your mind may arise such as “what is their worship style like?” “What should I wear?” Other logistical questions arise such as “Where can I park?”  “How long is the average service?” Let us answer these questions by walking you through a typical Sunday Worship Service so you will know what to expect.

Have Questions?                                                    We Have All Of The Answers…


CMBC has parking available in the church’s parking lot. A nice feature of the church is that it is located in the small community of Colmar Manor – so even if the church’s parking lot is filled – there will be plenty of parking spots available right next to the church. All parking is free… So needless to say – parking is hassle free.

Where Should I Sit During Service?

Once you arrive at church you will be greeted by ushers or church members at the door. They will gladly assist you with any questions you may have. No seats are reserved so feel free to sit in the front – middle – or back – wherever you wish.

How Early Should I Arrive?

All services start on time, so we recommend arriving 5 to 10 minutes before services start. Most members come early so that they can mingle and enjoy each others’ company before service starts.

What Should I Wear?

At service you will see a mix of people in their casual attire to their Sunday Best. If you were to look out during worship you would see some people in suits, some in jeans with a polo, and others in t-shirts with Jordans. We don’t dress to impress or draw attention to ourselves because we don’t want to be a distraction. For Bible studies, youth group, and other events – most come in causal attire.

How Long Is The Worship Service?

The worship starts at 10:00 and is typically finished around 11:15. The average service is just over an hour with the worship lasting about 15 – 20 minutes and the sermon lasting about 45 minutes.

What Is The Worship Style of The Church?

The worship consists of a mix of contemporary praise songs along with traditional hymns. The Praise Team consists of a piano, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums. To find out more about our worship and style click here to go to the Praise and Worship page.

What Is Provided For My Children During Service?

During Sunday School and Worship Service a nursery is provided for all those who attend those services. Also, during the Sermon a Jr Church is provided for children all the way from Kindergarten through 6th grade. However, nursery is not provided during the Adult Bible Study.

How Will I Know If Services Are Canceled Due To Weather?

The Church Website will be updated to inform all members as soon church has been canceled. It will be posted on the church’s Facebook account. Also, if you call the church at (301-277-7595) – Pastor Ken will leave a message on the phone’s recording if Services have been canceled. If you have the CMBC App on your phone you will also be notified. Youth Activities will be canceled if PG County School are canceled or closed early due to the weather.

Are There Any Restaurants Near The Church?

There are over 80 restaurants within 5 miles of the church. A couple-hundred yards away from the Church are McDonalds, Taco-Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, and other fast food chains. Being in the city there are many other sit-down restaurants nearby.
Do you have more questions about logistical or church services? Ask us here.

What Members Say You Can Expect…

You will definitely be fed Sound Doctrine and be Loved by a Loving Congregation.”

 Bryan B         
God’s Word is taught and preached in its fullness at all ages and levels. Sure to encourage, strength and challenge anyone, regardless of where they are in their walk. Definitely a church worth visiting and joining. Additionally, the body of believers here is a multicultural and diverse group, as well as a true family and community that prays together and fellowships with one another regularly. To top it off, the head and assistant pastors actually live what they teach and preach… a rarity these days. Spiritually this church is simply beautiful! Go visit!!!”
Nzinga W         
My initial opinion of the Church 22 years ago was … this is a church with friendly people. In my opinion, it is evident that Pastor Burge was called to teach God’s Word.  I have watched him grow in the Lord over the years and I am so proud to call him my pastor.  He devotes himself to his studies, he leads his flock by example, and diligently teaches us the way the Word should be taught.  We who attend CMBC are truly blessed to have such spiritual leadership.”
  – Mary F