Pre-Teen Youth Group

The focus of pre-teen youth group is to walk the children through the entire Bible, going story by story teaching them the word of God. These children have a special opportunity of receiving a solid biblical foundation. With this training they will be able to understand Scripture, and defend the faith. On top of that – they have the chance to make lifelong friends who will help them with their Christian walk.


Pastor Kenny Jr. believes that it is important to take the children through the entire Bible (from Genesis to Revelation) instead of the typical approach of studying random characters and verses. This teaches the children how to “logically walk through” the entire Bible.


Monday Night Youth Group is enjoyable for the children because they have many activates such as dodge-ball, drawing / crafts, and other activities. This accommodates children that are athletic or would rather sit and talk. During these activities the youth can build relationships with their leaders, which is vital for the spiritual growth of children. This is followed by a Bible lesson, and a time of group prayer.

All children learn differently. Some learn through interaction; some through visuals, and others through logic. To meet these needs the staff at CMBC incorporate all of these methods into youth group to maximize the effectiveness of the ministry.