Bible Reading For May 2023

Date: May 1st

Read: 1 Kings 1-2 & Luke 22:54–71

Employment Point: Submit to God’s Word, because it is true.


Date: May 2nd

Read: 1 Kings 3-5 & Luke 23:1-26

Employment Point: Ask God for an understanding heart, to serve Him wisely.


Date: May 3rd

Read: 1 Kings 6–7 & Luke 23:27-38

Employment Point: Believe on Jesus, who died among sinners to save sinners.


Date: May 4th

Read: 1 Kings 8-9 & Luke 23:39–56

Employment Point: Follow Jesus’ example and pray, lest you submit to temptation.


Date: May 5th

Read: 1 Kings 10–11 & Luke 24:1–35

Employment Point: Regularly open the Scriptures to experience biblical heartburn.


Date: May 6th

Read: 1 Kings 12–13 & Luke 24:36–53

Employment Point: Worship God in spirit and truth, to please Him.


Date: May 7th

Read: 1 Kings 14–15 & John 1:1–28

Employment Point: Believe on Jesus’ finished work, and marvel at the incarnation.


Date: May 8th

Read: 1 Kings 16–18 & John 1:29–51

Employment Point: Serve God, knowing that He will provide for you.


Date: May 9th

Read: 1 Kings 19–20 & John 2

Employment Point: Seek God’s renewing power and presence after spiritual battles.


Date: May 10th

Read: 1 Kings 21–22 & John 3:1–21

Employment Point: Believe in Jesus, who died for your sin and conquered death to be born a second time.

Date: May 11th

Read: 2 Kings 1–3 & John 3:22–36

Employment Point: Stay close to your spiritual mentor, to be equipped for ministry.


Date: May 12th

Read: 2 Kings 4–5 & John 4:1–30

Employment Point: Testify to the greatness of Jesus, so that others may be saved.


Date: May 13th

Read: 2 Kings 6–8 & John 4:31–54

Employment Point: Keep your eyes upon the Lord during life’s trials, for the right outlook on life.


Date: May 14th

Read: 2 Kings 9–11 & John 5:1–24

Employment Point: Persevere doing what is right, knowing that God’s Word will be fulfilled despite wicked opposition.


Date: May 15th

Read: 2 Kings 12–14 & John 5:25–47

Employment Point: Be a modern witness to the deity of Jesus.


Date: May 16

Read: 2 Kings 15–17 & John 6:1–21

Employment Point: Turn to Jesus during your next test, and trust in His provision.


Date: May 17th

Read: 2 Kings 18–19 & John 6:22–44

Employment Point: Keep Jesus on the throne of your heart, by executing the deeds of the flesh.


Date: May 18th

Read: 2 Kings 20–22 & John 6:45–71

Employment Point: Believe on Jesus, who offered His body and blood for our salvation, and follow Him for length of days.


Date: May 19th

Read: 2 Kings 23–25 & John 7:1–31

Employment Point: Be consumed by zeal for the work of the Lord.


Date: May 20th

Read: 1 Chronicles 1–2 & John 7:32–53

Employment Point: Live for Jesus, who makes all who believe in Him spiritually alive.


Date: May 21st

Read: 1 Chronicles 3–5 & John 8:1–20

Employment Point: Remain in the light by following Jesus.

Date: May 22nd

Read: 1 Chronicles 6–7 & John 8:21–36

Employment Point: Please God by accurately teaching and obeying His Word.


Date: May 23rd

Read: 1 Chronicles 8–10 & John 8:37–59

Employment Point: Herald Jesus’ deity to the unsaved.


Date: May 24th

Read: 1 Chronicles 11–13 & John 9:1–23

Employment Point: Be loyal to the men of God in your life.


Date: May 25th

Read: 1 Chronicles 14-16 & John 9:24–41

Employment Point: Consult the Lord through the Word and prayer, to honor His ways.


Date: May 26th

Read: 1 Chronicles 17–19 & John 10:1–21

Employment Point: Marvel at the love of the Father and Son through Jesus’ sacrifice.


Date: May 27th

Read: 1 Chronicles 20–22 & John 10:22–42

Employment Point: Praise God for His accomplishments in your life, and avoid self-boasting.


Date: May 28th

Read: 1 Chronicles 23–25 & John 11:1–17

Employment Point: Wait on the Lord’s perfect timing in all matters in your life.


Date: May 29th

Read: 1 Chronicles 26–27 & John 11:18–46

Employment Point: Believe on Jesus’ promise and power to raise the dead.


Date: May 30th

Read: 1 Chronicles 28–29 & John 11:47–57

Employment Point: Trust the Lord to complete the tasks He assigns to you.


Date: May 31st

Read: 2 Chronicles 1–3 & John 12:1–19

Employment Point: Honor Jesus with sacrifices worthy of His great sacrifice.