Christian Response To Racial Injustice

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Pastor Kenny Burge Jr (Theology 4 Everyday Life) addresses the issue of social injustice from a Biblical perspective. This is Podcast #1.
Pastor Kenny Burge Jr. is the Associate Pastor at Colmar Manor Bible Church. He was born in Washinton DC and raised in PG county. He graduated from Liberty University. Kenny is the son of Dr. Ken Burge Sr (who has been the Senior Pastor at Colmar Manor Bible Church for over 29 years.) Pastor Kenny Jr works with the youth in the church, as well as the music and digital ministries. Check out all the sermons he edits at Colmar Manor Bible Church.
This channel is designed to teach both biblical theology and doctrine to the next generation of Christians. Pastor Kenny Jr is concerned about the watered-down-feel-good theology that is being preached to so many in his “Millennial Generation.” His goal is to reach them with solid Biblical Doctrine.
Pastor Kenny Jr is in the process of creating a free animated curriculum for pre-teens. This curriculum will go through every single narrative from the Gospels. You can read more about him at
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