Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship is the cornerstone of our church. It is during this time that the church joins together in praise and worship that consists of a mix of contemporary Christian songs along with traditional hymns. This is followed by a sermon from Pastor Burge. 

What To Expect…

A typical Sunday Service begins with a greeting and two opening songs followed by the Pastor pastoral prayer and Bible reading (and sometimes testimonies.) After the Pastoral prayer there are two more songs and offering. Pastor Burge brings a sermon (the current series is on the book of Revelation) that challenges the church with the Scripture. The service is closed with one more song and a closing prayer.

Each individual is more than a face in the crowd – they are Christians who simply want to worship their God, and get closer to Him. During this time a nursery and Jr. Church are provided for the children of all those attending the service. This way all those in attendance from young to old can be ministered to. Sunday Service is the cornerstone of our church.

Still trying to figure out if you want to come?

We understand. It can be a scary thing to walk into unfamiliar surroundings – we understand that and want to help. So please check out our “What to Expect” page to find out more about the worship service.

Love To Hear From You

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Main Information:

Day: Sunday
Time: 10:00am – (about 11:45)
Location: Colmar Manor Bible Church
Focus: Finding the lost and training the found for God’s glory