Get InvolvedHow Do I Meet People & Get Connected?

Our church is simply not a place where people come to in order to hear a sermon and sing a few songs. It is a community of families, singles, children, single moms, widowers, and others who make up a single family. As a family we support each other and reach out together to reach the town of Colmar Manor. Once you come to church you will see the love of Christ as you are met by a diversity of believers who will care about you. This is an organic way to meet others and become part of our family.
Once you have come and decided to make this your home church you will want to get involved. After all, as Christians our strongest desire should be to please the Lord and bring Him glory – one way to do this is through ministry. Once you have become a member at CMBC you will have the privilege to serve along side your family in Christ. The pastoral staff will shepherd you and plug you into the ministry God has designed you to do. Here are some ways you can get involved.

Get Connected – Small Group and Service

Get Involved2The Pastoral staff’s desire is for all members of the church to find their calling and serve God for His glory. However, all people are different! Some desire to work with youth while others flee at the thought of helping Jr Highers. God created each individual to be… well… individual… so we should use our individual gifts and talents for Him. Here are some of the small groups we have that have different focuses and goals.
  • The Arts District Outreach group focuses mainly on evangelism and is for individuals who have a passion to lead people to Christ.
  • Our College ministry group is a small team that has a burden to reach out to local colleges via service, helping students, and showing the love of Christ around the University of Maryland campus.
  • The Hospital Visitation group is for people who are compassionate and desire to help the hurting and sick.
  • The Senior Citizens small group is a team who desires to reach out to the lonely and those who cannot get out of their homes or need assistance.
  • The Hospitality group looks for way to help and encourage those in the church who are having a hard time.
  • The Church beatification group works together at the church by doing landscaping, and other needed tasks to keep the church building up.
  • The Colmar Manor Outreach group that goes into local parks, and to town events to meet and help those outside the church.
  • Also inside the church, technically minded individuals are needed to help record the sermon, manage the sound, edit the sermon recordings and a host of other technical jobs.
  • There is also room for more nursery workers, youth group leaders, Jr Church teachers, and individuals who have the desire to serve.
There are so many ways to get involved and to be used. The most important thing is to find out how God wants to use you, and then to plug in and     get involved.