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Sunday School
This ministry is not just for children… This ministry is vital for Christians of all ages who are serious about their faith. Any Sunday spent attending this ministry is a great opportunity to grow in an individual’s knowledge of God’s Word, to gain more information about the truth of God’s Word, and an chance for God’s Word to have a life changing impact.

Men’s Class: Life is Best: Saving Babies, Saving Souls, Equipping Christians

Lives are at stake. Souls hang in the balance. Some Christians are engaged in the battle, most are not. Life Is Best will thoroughly equip and inspire you to join the fight for lives and souls. This dynamic class is a hybrid between Dr. Ken teaching, and a video presentation which is brought by Scott Klusendorf.

Ladies Class: Beautiful in Gods Eyes – A Study of Proverbs 31

A Bible-teaching time consisting of ladies who are college age through the senior years. This class provides women with practical biblical wisdom by teaching them how to triumph over daily pressure and enjoy the creativity, fulfillment, beauty, and purposes God reveals in Proverbs 31 by: developing a passionate life vision; making time for family, friends, and God; improving life-management skills; keeping their sights on God’s plan; tending to the fires of heart and home. This class is lead by Kim Burge (wife of Pastor Ken).

Jr./Sr. High Class: Defending The Faith Using Current Events

This class teaches teenagers key theological issues and reinforces their Christian foundation. This is accomplished by walking through each book of the Bible and studying major characters, dates, and prophecies. Major concepts are given from both an evangelical and secular worldview in order for the students to learn how to defend their faith in a secular world. This class is lead by one of our deacons, Nathan Keeran. He is also very involved in many of the church’s ministries and activities.

Elementary Class: What’s In The Bible Series

Pastor Kenny Jr. is using the “What’s in The Bible Series” to walk the children through the entire Bible in one year. Each week the children are given assignments which include helping friends, building character, and memorizing Bible verses. This gives the children solid biblical teaching in a fresh approach. This class is lead by Pastor Kenny Jr.